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IMI International Management Institute Switzerland

IMI International Management Institute in Switzerland is a unique, private, hospitality school founded in 1991. Our International Hospitality courses in Hotel, Event and Tourism management at undergraduate level, are all validated by Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU).

Our prestigious MBA in International Hospitality Management is also validated by MMU and is designed for those aiming for senior management positions within the industry. At postgraduate level we also offer our IMI Luzern MBA which allows you to specialise in Swiss Hotel Management Operations.

The combination of quality academic teaching, Swiss practical training, excellent industry contacts and breathtaking scenery are a recipe for success. Our graduates can be found in Senior Management positions all around the Globe. Their success shows that to reach the top it pays to start at the top!

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Overall rating - IMI International Management Institute Switzerland

Based on 5 reviews (1,731 views)

5.02 10



Students life


Campus life


Opportunities and network


Value for money

Latest reviews for IMI International Management Institute Switzerland

  • Absolutely waste of money

    I am afraid I had no university to compare to once I was studying toward my BA degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management in IMI but now that I completed my MA degree in UK I strongly suggest to avoid wasting your money on education there in IMI. The reason for me saying this...
    • Academic1.54
    • Students life3.4
    • Campus life1.18
    • Opportunities and network0.7
    • Value for money0.1
    1.38 10
  • Best time in Switzerland

    Very happy time at IMI with best lecturers and most friend students.
    • Academic7.9
    • Students life7.58
    • Campus life7.94
    • Opportunities and network8.44
    • Value for money8.1
    7.99 10
  • Not worth it

    Don't go here!!!!
    • Academic3.88
    • Students life5.13
    • Campus life3.8
    • Opportunities and network0.64
    • Value for money8
    4.29 10
  • very bad location :( they are too far from the city:( boring

    I recommend it as a step to go to europe but not as a place to live, bad location good awards with MMU
    • Academic7.74
    • Students life0
    • Campus life2.8
    • Opportunities and network0
    • Value for money0
    2.11 10
  • A great start for a future in hospitality...

    IMI prepared me for the challenging world of hospitality and gave me both the practical, personal and management skills needed to be a success.
    • Academic8.98
    • Students life9.06
    • Campus life9.48
    • Opportunities and network9.32
    • Value for money9.9
    9.35 10

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